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"Rapid Fire"

Fire Vs Desire & Ebony Princess Vs Cheryl

Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 55 min.

Super sexy Desire is outweighed and half a foot short as she battles Fire, the blonde brawler in a hot professional women's wrestling ring match. Desire has jet-black hair and a busty body--and she’s not afraid of her larger foe. The bout starts and soon as Desire attacks Fire and throws her into corner ring where she ravages Fire’s belly, then snap mares her. A test of strength follows and it’s Fire’s turn to wreak havoc on Desire. The blonde shoves her sexy foe into a corner, where she chops Desire’s throat. The action is fast and furious as the bout is full of kicks, hair pulling, stomps, and forearm smashes until one fighter is thrown from the ring.

She is soon fighting an arm-bar which brings her back to the violence. These two then trade headlocks and body slams, as one girl kicks the other right in the groin. Both girls are fighting dirty and screams of pain fill the ring. The action is as intense as any she-fight we’ve ever seen. You’ll marvel at their knowledge of holds and the punishment they endure. The loser gets her hair pulled and her face rubbed on the mat, as the winner wears a sneaky smile.

The Ebony Princess then battles Cheryl Rusa, an experienced pro who starred in many LPWA battles. Ebony savagely chops Cheryl in the corner ropes and Cheryl takes a brutal stomping beating. These two females show a dislike for each other as pain is put on with no mercy whatsoever. Ebony wins a test of strength, but Cheryl clamps a tight leg-lock on the sepia star, hurls her off the ropes, and dropkicks the aching Ebony--who now grovels on the mat.

Each is lightning fast and eager to whip her opponent, as the bout now features a body splash, a giant swing, and an excruciating body scissors. These two small amazons body slam each other and drive sharp knees into tender stomachs, bent on destruction. The end nears as kicks and knees weaken the eventual loser. A proud battler rolls her rival over on her back, stomps her stomach, and gleefully stands over her vanquished foe. A professional women's wrestling battle you should not miss. 55min.

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Rapid Fire

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Streaming Video Available str_SK-235-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Fire Vs Desire
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Approx. Run Time 26 min.

Streaming Video Available str_SK-235-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Ebony Princess Vs Cheryl
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Approx. Run Time 22 min.


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