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"Last Chance"

Onyx vs. Valentina

Professional Women’s Wrestling Squash Match

Approx. Run Time 55 min.

Onyx, a sexy and fit street fighter, is up for a big part in a professional women’s wrestling movie and once again someone is in her way. That someone is Valentina a sexy high-class primadonna.

Valentina enters the ring and primps and preps for her audition. She sneaked in early to get the jump on Onyx. Onyx shows up, and is not happy that Valentina is moving in on her part. Valentina claims the audition to be hers. Onyx will have no part of it, and Valentina refuses to leave and thinks she can take on the street fighter. Valentina is stubborn and tries to make some moves on Onyx, but Onyx just throws her off and slams her all over the ring. Both women are determined to get this part, but Onyx effortlessly dominates the blonde bimbo, till she says, this is your last chance to leave or I’m really going to take you apart. Valentina, determined to get this roll, refuses to leave. Nothing Valentina has for Onyx fazes her and Onyx just pummels the primadonna. Valentina struggles with all she’s got and manages in a few moves, but Onyx is quick to reverse all of them. Valentina gets a jump on Onyx and rakes her eyes. Onyx is totally enraged and tears Valentina apart. The bimbo makes attempts to escape the angry street fighter but Onyx just drags her back in the malay. At one point she has the bimbo outside the ring and slams her head on the steel door! Ouch! Onyx punishes Valentina with boston crabs, rope tie ups, clothlines, backbreakers, kicks, stomach punches, eye gouges, bearhugs, atomic butt slams, turnbuckle torture, pain on the apron to name a few. The blonde bimbo gets totally assaulted, and gets caught by 3 giant kicks to the head. With blood coming from her mouth and nose, her audition is over. Onyx tosses a whimpering Valentina out of the ring, lights a smoke and tells her, I don’t ever want to see you face around here again or my face will be the last face you’ll ever see. Valentina is totally beaten and whimpering in pain.

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Last Chance

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Onyx vs. Valentina
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Approx. Run Time 51 min.


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