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"Raging Rivals"

Raquel vs. Onyx

Professional Women’s Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 55 min.

A bitter rivalry between two very sexy and talented professional women wrestlers erupts into a fierce match to reclaim the rightful ownership of the championship. Onyx, a gorgeous brunette, was the champ, but Raquel, a beautiful honey blonde, who almost destroyed Onyx’s back, and caused her to think of retirement. While Onyx was re-habing, Raquel took her title and claimed all the glory as her own. Raquel surprises Onyx at a photo shoot, with the intent of destroying Onyx forever! It doesn’t take long before the challenge is set and a brutal no holds barred, no ref, 2 out of 3 fall submission match erupts. The war is on!

They smack talk and quickly exchange hard chops to the throat. Each fighter tries fiercely to get the submission. Even in strength and skill, Raquel almost gets the job done with a figure four, but Onyx muscles out. Onyx almost takes Raquel out with a running bulldog, but it only stuns her. Raquel then has Onyx tied and choked up on the mat, but Onyx won’t give. Raquel has Onyx in pain as she jams her boot in hers venerable back.

Onyx’s back has passed the test and the “Warrior Queen” awakens! Onyx kicks out of a boston crab and quickly punches Raquel in the face, leaving her bruised. Onyx is angry and just pummels Raquel’s face, bulldogs her and Raquel taps out with a wicked cross face! Onyx wins this first fall, but Raquel replies, “ It’s not over yet!” Both fighters give it all they have in this next fall. Exchanging tough and exhausting holds in amazing action. Onyx almost has Raquel choked out, but she reverses and works over Onyx with a neck breaker. Raquel will do anything to prove she is the better woman. Onyx already knows she is.

“The Warrior Queen” wears Raquel down till she is tossed out of the ring, and smashes her pretty face on the steel door. Stunned, and bruised, Onyx has her way with Raquel and punishes her with an elbow breaking arm bar. Raquel has no choice but to tap out.

Onyx, now the winner, challenges the weakened Raquel to a finishing round. Knee jabs to the ribs, punches, and chokes, and finishes Raquel off with a couple of face smashing catapults and a huge sweeping kick to the face leaving her bruised. Onyx drags her back into the corner and sets her up for display. Raquel got what she deserved. The Champ is back!!!

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Raging Rivals

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Approx. Run Time 48 min.


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