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"Queen’s Rule"

Belle vs. Afrika

Professional Women’s Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 50 min.

Beautiful female wrestler Belle in a sexy red one piece is in for the match of her life! Pitted against Afrika, a powerful body builder and women wrestler. Afrika can’t believe the much smaller Belle is ready to take her on. But Belle has been training hard for this and says to Afrika “The bigger they are the harder they fall”. Locking up, Afrika totally over powers Belle. Belle tries some shoulder tackles and Afrika just tosses her off like a nat. Belle changes her strategy and manages a few moves on Afrika. Afrika challenges Belle to a test of strengths, a reluctant Belle almost gets her wrists broken by the powerful Afrika. Afrika taunts Belle, getting her to the mat, but Belle reverses to Afrika’s surprise.

Belle throws everything she has at Afrika, but Afrika is just toying with her. Afrika punishes Belle with stomach kicks, and punches. Crushes her with merciless body scissors, leaving Belle screaming on the mat. At one point Belle exits the ring to regain her composure. But Belle won’t give up and reenters the ring to hurt Afrika with an ankle lock. Belle works an arm bar but again Afrika just toys with her. Afrika keeps working Belles now very sore ribs. Body slams, atomic drop, face plants to Belle. Belle amazingly gets Afrika tied up on the mat in a rear naked choke and then a triangle almost choking the Afrikan Queen out. Afrika is in a world of hurt now, but she is so strong she stands up with Belle locked on her arm and slams Belle hard to the mat!

Afrika is enraged now and just tears the sexy female wrester apart. Starting with her powerful thighs, Afrika squeezes the life out of Belle, tortures her in the turnbuckles, and slams her from pillar to post. Lifts her in a painful back breaker, and then catches Belle in an arm bar! Ouch! Belle desperately tries to fight back with all she’s got. Afrika thinks she has Belle knocked out, but Belle sneaks a chair in the ring in a desperate attempt to give Afrika a final blow, but Afrika just catches it as Belle slams it two her head. Belle is afraid for her life and desperately tries to escape the wrath of Afrika! What a hard pounding and painful finish that leaves the beautiful Belle out cold on the mat. Afrika the queen of pain poses in victory. A super hard fought professional woman’s wrestling match!

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Queen’s Rule
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Approx. Run Time 45 min.


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