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"Beauty & Brawn "

Ebony Goddess aka Afrika
vs. The Beauty aka Frankie

Strength, Beauty, Domination, Punching, Kicking, KO’s, Lifting, Bondage

Approx. Run Time 50 min.

To set up this challenge in this special interest domination match, we have a fem-muscle powerhouse, whose strength and stature would put most men to shame: An Ebony Goddess who commands respect. Her Challenger is a drop dead gorgeous brunette, who has strength and attitude of her own. The Challenge is to knock the other one out cold, and be tied up.

Posing her extraordinary muscles is the beautiful and massive Ebony Goddess, then a strong beauty enters the ring, and with passion, they have a pose off. What happens next is a punch out till one warrior is out cold on face down on the mat; the victor for this quick put down shows off the others tight and muscular butt and admires the beauty of her body. She wakes up and the battle ensues. Great kicks, and punching, then soon has one beauty carried by the other, she is out cold, then is tied up, she is at the others mercy. She is paraded around like a trophy displaying her magnificent gluts and legs, Waking up, the challenge goes on as a test of wills and a test of punishments. Both exchanging knock out kicks and punches, both are humiliated and tied up, yet they respect the challenge and accept the rules, they soldier on, taking blows, KO’ed while the other admires their beautiful gluts. Till one of the fit and strong girls is KO’ed, out for the night, tied up and helpless, face down on the mat. But is it over??? Is she too pretty to be tough???? You’ll have to see!!

If you love great knock outs and kicks, beautiful muscular women, bound up with tight butts, your going to love this special interest domination challenge.

Copyright 2020

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Beauty & Brawn

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Ebony Goddess aka Afrika
vs. The Beauty aka Frankie
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Approx. Run Time 47 min.


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