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"Ring Thunder: Women’s Wrestling"

Fantasia & Fire vs. Becky Bayless & Rita the Cheetah

Pro Style Tag Team

Approx. Run Time 45 min.

This Professional Women’s Wrestling Tag Team pits the awesome power of Fantasia and Fire, with a combined weight of 330lbs, against the sweet Becky Bayless and the she cat, Rita the Cheetah, with a combined weight of only 280lbs. The match begins with lots of trash talk, but that all soon stops and Fantasia gets down to business, bending and twisting Rita all up! The exchange of pain begins! Rita gets worked over hard by the big strong woman, and then its Fires turn! Poor Rita! Fire keeps Rita from tagging in Bayless to help and the onslaught continues! Bayless is begging to save her partner, but Fire just dishes out more pain. Becky finally gets her shot. She is the smallest girl at only 5’4”, but is very determined till Fire viciously bodyslams her off the ropes, gets her in the corner and the Big Team works her over, but hard! Now Rita is in and suffers Fantasias famous power bomb! Ouch! But, Surprise! A hammering kick has Fantasia on the mat and Bayless goes for the pin, but Fantasia tosses her off like a little rag doll. Then it’s Fire in the ring! She does a body smash on Bayless rendering her flat on the mat. Fantasia follows it up with a Boston Crab and Bayless is writhing in pain. Rita sneaks to save the day only to find herself the victim of Fantasias rage! Power bomb again and Fantasia wants to finish this! But there is a Fire storm brewing and Fire steps in to demolish Rita the Cheetah. Bayless is furious and jumps in the fray. Fantasia, the queen of power moves, back slams Bayless, knocking the wind out of her. With all the girls now in the ring the Big Team unleashes its wrath. Knockout punches, and double body slams, Bayless is tossed out of the ring, Rita is left to fend for herself and falls victim to a huge double suplex, which ends her day! Lesson here? Don’t mess with the big girls! Super Tag Team action from Steel Kittens!

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Ring Thunder: Women’s Wrestling
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Streaming Video Available str_sk-354-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Fantasia & Fire vs. Becky Bayless & Rita the Cheetah Pt.1
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Approx. Run Time 18 min.

Streaming Video Available str_sk-354-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Fantasia & Fire vs. Becky Bayless & Rita the Cheetah Pt. 2
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Approx. Run Time 19 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-354-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Fantasia & Fire vs. Becky Bayless & Rita the Cheetah
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Approx. Run Time 5 min.


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