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"Brutal Women’s Belt Match"

Jade vs. Jen

Pro-Style Women’s Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 30 min.

This is for the belt and these women mean business! Jen is the heavy weight Champ but Jade is ready for her! These two athletes clearly have no respect for each other and the battle is on! This brutal women’s wrestling match is fast, furious, and full of painful holds, pounding moves, trash talking and nasty attitudes! Witness crushing bear hugs, wicked wrist and arm locks, debilitating leg scissors, stomach punches, chops, stomps and kicks! Fired up with monkey tosses, boston crabs, camel clutches, lifting, firemans carries, rope torture and more….

Jade is on a rampage and weakens the champ little by little. This fearless powerful woman is relentless, determined and precise! Jen is surprised and finds herself moaning in pain. She can barely catch her breath before Jade’s persistence. Jade taunts, punishes and further humiliates the Champ anyway she can. Her dislike of Jen is off the charts and is fuel for the fire! But Jen is one tough wrestling gal and rallies back, but is she tough enough today? The ending comes as one fierce woman warrior is forced in a camel clutch choke till she is out cold on the canvas. As the winner stands over the looser, she wakes her up and drives home some serious humiliation! The winner digs deep, verbally taunting and degrading the helpless looser till she is crying and whimpering in despair. The title says it all, this women’s wrestling match is brutal!

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Brutal Women’s Belt Match

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Jade vs. Jen
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Approx. Run Time 30 min.

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Approx. Run Time 8 min.


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