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"Wild Ones"

Molly McShane vs. BobCat
Sweet Destiny vs. Molly McShane

Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 57 min.

Irish redheads are always wild, and Molly McShane becomes a real wild one in both of these professional women's wrestling matches. She first encounters big blonde Bobcat--and after the blonde has Molly squirming at the opening bell, Molly dropkicks her and Bobcat squeals like a baby. The match is full of close holds and agonizing slams and kicks. After Bobcat works over Molly in corner ring using a foreign object, she gets enraged at the ref and pulls off his shirt in the process. Now distracted, Bobcat is easy prey for a rolling pin by Molly. The second fall is all Bobcat’s as she slams the smaller girl into the ring-post, stomps Molly’s butt again and again, leaving Molly rubbing her aching rear. They battle all around the ring, showing a definite dislike for each other until Bobcat catches Molly in a prone surfboard that has Molly screaming her submission. The last fall starts with Bobcat pulling red hair and stomping the stricken Molly. The two take time out to brutalize the ref before one wild woman jumps from the top rope to splash her victim into defeat.

Not having enough pain for one day, Molly now challenges cute and muscular Sweet Destiny in yet another professional women's wrestling battle. Destiny isn’t so sweet as she smashes Molly’s head on the mat several times and then applies a terrifying headlock. Molly returns the fire by working over Destiny’s left leg with stomps, elbow drops, and toeholds as she readies her for a very intricate submission in the form of a crab hold. They both catch fire as fall three begins and the action reverberates in the ring. Molly hurls Destiny into a corner where Destiny finds a large water jug and bashes Molly’s head with it. They then battle it out to a decisive ending pin. Approx 57 min.

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Wild Ones
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Molly McShane vs. BobCat
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Sweet Destiny vs. Molly McShane
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Sweet Destiny vs. Molly McShane

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