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"Ice, Ice, Baby"

Molly McShane vs. Looney Lane and Christine vs. Belle

Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 56 min.

Young California Pro Looney Lane meets fiery Irish Molly McShane in a one-fall submission professional women's wrestling match. Looney’s in a sexy (tiny) red, white & blue bikini, and her trash talking mouth is equal to Molly’s steady rampage as Molly says “I’m going to ice you, girl”. After they lock up, Molly trips Looney, clotheslines her, and uses vicious leg holds to punish Looney, then drop kicks the brunette twice. Flat on her back, Looney is now a target for the mean Molly, who stomps, elbow drops, and knee drops her--before catching her in an arm stretch and a bow and arrow hold.

Now Loony takes the offensive with some devastating moves, dragging the redhead over to the ropes and pummeling her with assaults. Loony is starting to even the match until Molly slams her arm right into Loony’s groin! Molly uses her vast arsenal of suplexes, body slams and slingshots to soften up a screaming Looney, who submits to a Boston Crab. Molly then finishes off the beaten brunette with a surprise deep freeze!

Our next professional women's wrestling match starts with the gorgeous Belle awaiting the arrival of Christine, a kick-boxing veteran who accuses Belle of stealing her title shot. The submission only match starts with a test of strength, and Belle wins out. She then attacks Christine with a variety of rapid moves. Christine escapes the onslaught, grabs Belle’s golden tresses, and hurls her into corner ring where she knees Belle in the stomach and hammers her legs with knee drops as Belle screams in pain. Belle is pushed back in the corner where she is slapped, punched, and kicked in the groin. Slumping to the mat, Belle clutches her wounded private parts and is an easy victim to Christine’s dirty assault. A figure 4 headlock causes Belle to submit.

Fall 2 is more of the same destruction by Christine until Belle counters with a fierce camel clutch that forces a howling Christine to submit. The bell rings for fall 3, which is completely dominated by an angry Christine, as Belle tries valiantly to ward her off. A totally destroyed female groans as the winner brutalizes her opponent, who has conceded four times, all of them ignored. Two hard fought, non-stop action professional women's wrestling matches that you certainly won’t want to miss! Approx: 56 min

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Ice, Ice, Baby

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Molly McShane vs. Looney Lane
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Streaming Video Available str_SK-205-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Christine vs. Belle
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Approx. Run Time 29 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_SK-205-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Molly McShane vs. Looney Lane and Christine vs. Belle
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Approx. Run Time 4 min.


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