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"Strip Strike"

Riptide vs. Savvy and Belle vs. Molly McShane

Two Pro Style Womens Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 50 min.

Riptide, in a gorgeous blue bodysuit meets petite blonde Savvy in a one fall submission match that teaches Savvy that she needs a lot more professional women's wrestling experience in the ring before doing battle with an avid bodybuilder like Riptide, who looks to be in the peak of condition. The white bikinied Savvy has pro experience, but has not met anyone like Riptide before. Riptide starts with a tight headlock; Savvy escapes and holds a brief hammerlock when all hell breaks loose.

Riptide completely dominates the cute blonde as she hoists a screaming Savvy aloft, then dumps her to a brutal back-breaker over her knee. Riptide has no mercy on Savvy, savagely stomping, body slamming, and then throwing her in corner ring, devastating Savvy with knees, slaps, and punches. Savvy is then deposited over the top corner ropes where her tender belly is pounded. Savvy howls with pain the entire match until Riptide hoists her over her shoulder and Savvy submits to this vicious back breaker. Savvy brought a coil of rope to the match and Riptide grabs it and hog-ties the blonde, now thoroughly defeated and whimpering for mercy.

Next we have Molly McShane entering the ring with a championship belt to do battle with stunning Belle, who enters with a sexy lingerie suit and a zest for relieving Molly of the belt. Molly calls Belle the “Stripper Wrestler” and places a dollar bill in her top. After the Ref gives instructions to both girls in the 2 out of 3 fall match, Belle turns to go back to her corner, but Molly smashes her head, knee lifts Belle to the mat, pounds her forehead with a cutting fist, and stomps her mercilessly as Belle howls. A camel clutch brings a moaning submission from Belle in this short-lived fall. The ref takes a wobbly Belle to her corner, washes her cut, and revives her for the next fall.

An angry Belle retaliates as she throws Molly in a corner and brutalizes her entire face and body with fists, knees, and kicks. The ref tries to stop Belle’s illegal tactics, but she drapes Molly over the top ropes and continues her onslaught. Belle rages on, drapes Molly over her knee, and finishes her off with a knee back breaker. The third fall is a massacre as Molly destroys Belle for the entire fall, ending it with a cobra clutch sleeper. Belle is out cold, flat on her back as Molly grabs the belt. Then, before she exits still the champion, Molly does a coup de grace on Belle, humiliating the unconscious blonde in a finish you will thoroughly enjoy. This match is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and hard-fought professional women's wrestling battles we have ever taped! 50 min.

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Strip Strike

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Riptide vs. Savvy
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Approx. Run Time 25 min.

Streaming Video Available str_sk-199-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Belle vs. Molly McShane
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Approx. Run Time 21 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-199-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Riptide vs. Savvy and Belle vs. Molly McShane
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Approx. Run Time 8 min.


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