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"Black & Blue All Over You"

Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess & Riptide vs. Fire

Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 55 min.

The stunning Ebony Princess challenges the pro woman wrestler Irish Molly McShane in a professional women's wrestling battle. The bell rings, and a furious Molly grabs Ebony in a wristlock, pulls her hair, and Ebony is quickly on her back in mid-ring. Ebony retaliates and pays Molly back! Molly then crushes Ebony with a neck scissors, punishes her in the corners, and shoulder slams the tiny gladiatrix. Ebony turns the tables, and gives Molly a dose of her own medicine. Ebony catches her in a fireman’s carry, which Ebony reverses, dropping Molly to the mat where she applies a roll-up pin. Molly is furious, attacks Ebony’s belly again, and kicks her from the ring. As Ebony re-enters, Molly keeps body slamming her until the ref counts her out for two straight falls--not an easy victory for the redhead in this pro women's wrestling match.

Pro woman wrestler, the beautiful and powerful Riptide enters the ring. Fire, equally as powerful and beautiful, faces Riptide, holding her pet dog and mulling over many ideas on how to whip this fearsome opponent. Fire is ready for this and gives Riptide something to think about. Softening up Riptide, Fire applies chin-locks, scissors, kicks, stomps, slams, and tosses. Elbow drops fell the mighty Riptide and a smashing body slam sets her up for a quick pin. Riptide then goes to work on Fire and pins her with a reverse chin-lock. The bell sounds and Fire kicks the Ref away smashing, his genitals with glee--but pro women wrestler Riptide, reverses Fire off the ropes and the pro women's wrestling match is now all Riptides’. The finish goes down with a little hosing and humilitation for one pro woman wrestler!

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Black & Blue All Over You

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Streaming Video Available str_sk-200-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess
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Streaming Video Available str_sk-200-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Riptide vs. Fire
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Approx. Run Time 24 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-200-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Molly Mc Shane vs. The Ebony Princess & Riptide vs. Fire
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