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"Collateral Damage"

Molly Vs Riptide and Cheryl Rusa Vs Valentina

Two Professional Women’s Wrestling Matches

Approx. Run Time 60 min.

Experience rocks the Steel Kittens ring in these two exciting 3 fall Professional Women’s Wrestling Matches. “The Irish Star” sexy red head, Molly McShane, verses the strong and beautiful body builder, Riptide in a fierce battle! Molly gets off quick and kicks, flips and stomps a stunned Riptide. A head scissors follows a monkey flip and Riptide’s head is smashed on the mat. Weakening Riptide further, Molly does a roll up pin as the Ref counts Riptide out for the 1st fall. A now furious Riptide grabs Molly in a rear bear hug, kicks her thighs and applies a crushing step over toehold. Riptide dominates this fall with fierce body scissors; keester bumps and continuously attacks Molly’s leg. A figure 4 leglock finishes off a howling Molly. The match is even. Molly, now weakened by the powerful Riptide, hobbles around the ring, only to soon find herself treated to a tight sleeper hold as the Ref lifts her limp arms and counts her out. Riptide raises her arms in victory, but still has some fight left over for the Ref. You won’t want to miss this ending.

Next, Cheryl “Lighting” Rusa, returns to do battle with sexy rising Star Valentina. Cheryl, quickly outs a crushing headlock on Valentina, but Valentina soon reverses. Cheryl uses her ring knowledge to dominate her opponent with savage clotheslines, snap mares, and then punishes her with some nasty hair pulling. The struggling youngster is booted in the face and kicked in the body as the ring reverberates with shrieks of pain. Valentina escapes; giant swings Cheryl, catapults her, pulls Cheryl’s hair and kicks her now unprotected back as Cheryl howls. The blonde now floors Cheryl, rubs her face on the mat. One gallant fighter is body splashed and caught in a brutal abdominal stretch. The loser ends up needing smelling salts as the winner poses and places her foot on a ravaged body. You’ll love this vicious battle. Two excellent professional women’s wrestling competitions from Steel Kittens!

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Collateral Damage

Item#: SK-237   Brochure: #86




Video On Demand - Watch it online now!
Streaming Video Available str_SK-237-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Cheryl Rusa Vs Valentina
HQ Download

Approx. Run Time 30 min.

Streaming Video Available str_SK-237-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Molly Vs Riptide
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Approx. Run Time 25 min.


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