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"High Voltage"

Jade vs. Darling * Brooke vs. Ariel

Female Wrestling – Competitive – 1 Topless

Approx. Run Time 50 min.

Now we have two very exciting female wrestling matches. First, we have Jade, a super fighting fit Asian woman and Darling, a seasoned female wrestler who has a bodacious body. These two fit babes use their jujitsu skills to take control. Both are very aggressive and hold nothing back. Darling’s bountiful breasts soon come loose and she uses them as weapons to smother Jade. You’ll love her perfectly shaped butt as she tries to keep Jade in scissor holds. Jade is tough and very strong as Darling finds it hard to get her to submit. Jades power and beauty have Darling scrambling. Lots of triangles, choke holds, scissors, nasty arm bars and brutal figure four head locks. You’ll love this strong competitive match with aggressive beautiful women and excellent grappling. The loser finds herself trapped in a figure four head lock triangle combination and quickly is KO’d. The winner poses in victory!

This female wrestling competition features the young beauty Brooke, and a fit and hard body Ariel. The match opens up with Brooke getting the upper hand, putting Ariel in a Boston Crab, which totally enrages the sexy female. She locks on to Brooke with her strong sexy legs, and delivers keester bumps. Brooke can’t escape as Ariel catches her in the ropes in a standing rear naked choke! Brooke has no idea what the enraged Ariel is capable of! Ariel slams Brooke and gets her in a standing head scissors, Brooke drops to the mat, as Ariel comes in with a knee to the back. Brooke starts to show her colors and surfboards Ariel to the ropes and delivers some pain of her own. Ariel retaliates with awesome leg holds, and body slams Brooke, and tries to get her to submit by a kimura. Brooke breaks free, but Ariel tries to finish the job with a wrenching arm bar. Brooke escapes again and gets Ariel pinned in the turnbuckle with a heel to the throat. Ariel then escapes and swiftly kicks Brooke down. Brooke is picked up and body slammed several times and finally bulldogged hard, face down on the mat. The winner finally pins the losers’ arms back, and then finishes her off with a beautiful figure four head lock till she is forced to tap out! One beautiful woman poses proudly and lets the loser know who the superior woman of the day is!

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High Voltage

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Streaming Video Available str_sk-307-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Jade vs. Darling
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Approx. Run Time 21 min.

Streaming Video Available str_sk-307-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Brooke vs. Ariel
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Approx. Run Time 27 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-307-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Jade vs. Darling
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Approx. Run Time 8 min.


Streaming Video Available hii_sk-307-02 Streaming Video Match featuring: Brooke vs. Ariel
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This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming Download – 1500kpbs

Approx. Run Time 8 min.


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