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"Dangerous Divas"

Mutiny vs. Jade * Nicole O. vs. Kristal

Women’s Wrestling – T*pless Competitive Pro Am and Female Domination Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 51 min.

What two great women’s wrestling matches we have for you! First, Jade a strong and sexy Asian woman meets the seasoned pro Mutiny in the ring for the first time. Mutinys’ skills and sex appeal will have you begging for more! These two hold nothing back and exchange holds like wild fire! A powerful and seriously hard fight ensues with head scissors’ from all sides, back breakers, stomach punches, and leg breaking holds! Both are on the attack! Crotch stomps and kicks, and some dirty tactics, as both will do anything to win! Neck chokes on the ropes, and pounding tight moves through out the match! Jades’ devastating kicks meet Mutiny and she is hurt, but not down, Mutiny fires back, only to get a fast round house kick to the head before Jade sends her to the canvass again! Mutiny gathers herself up and swiftly comes in for a low blow to Jade’s crotch sending her to the mat. Mutiny quickly finishes the job with a round house of her own to Jade’s temple, knocking the girl out! Mutiny is clearly exhausted and in a lot of pain at the end of this tough fought match. She crawls to the corner as Jade lies motionless on the ring floor. What a fight!

Then California girl Kristal is in for the pounding of her life as her opponent Nicole, a sexy Asian with gorgeous long black hair, has no mercy for this petite busty blonde. Nicole is clearly out to destroy Kristal in this topless female wrestling match. Figure four head scissors, bear hugs, kicks, punches, butt busters, chops, back breakers, belly punches, tight body presses, grapevines and camel clutches, has the defensive topless blonde howling in pain. Kristal tries to fight back, but is no match for this devastating brunette. Nicole enjoys inflicting more pain with head scissors, choke holds and a big head slam, render Kristal helpless! Nicole plays with her prey till she has had enough fun and finishes the topless blonde off with a figure four head lock that knocks Kristal clean out! What a great female Domination wrestling match!

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Dangerous Divas

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Streaming Video Available str_sk-308-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Mutiny vs. Jade
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Approx. Run Time 24 min.

Streaming Video Available str_sk-308-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Nicole O. vs. Kristal
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Approx. Run Time 28 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-308-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Mutiny vs. Jade
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Approx. Run Time 8 min.


Streaming Video Available hii_sk-308-02 Streaming Video Match featuring: Nicole O. vs. Krista
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Approx. Run Time 9 min.


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