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"Ring Thunder: Women’s Wrestling"

Fantasia vs. Helena Heavenly / Quisha vs. Nikki the NY Knockout

Pro and Pro Am Style

Approx. Run Time 45 min.

Our first match is a professional woman’s wrestling match featuring the “Big Girls” of women’s wrestling! First to do some damage is Fantasia, standing at 5’9” and 180lbs of fury! Her opponent: The red haired vixen, Helena Heavenly, standing at 5’7” and 155lbs.
The bell rings and in a burst of aggression, Fantasia does what she does best, punishes her opponent with power slams and imposes her will upon Helena. Fantasia is so strong that it takes all of Helena’s strength to fight back. Fantasia is unhindered by Helena. She delivers head butts and painful bear hugs. Helena attacks only to be tossed off and slammed again. Fireman’s carries, standing backbreakers, crushing body scissors’! Helena finally manages a breath taking bear hug on Fantasia, who is clearly now in pain.
But watch out, pay back is a bitch and Fantasia presses in on the fiery red head. Over the shoulder lift and carry, body slams, more breath taking bear hugs, stinging kidney punches! Helena is a woman of courage to even step into the ring with Fantasia. The ending comes with a series of slams and suplexes, power bombs, side slams and suplexes, more bear hugs, and the deathly finisher; a knock out pile driver! There is only one dominate and controlling woman in the ring today!

Next, we bring you two different styles, which women will reign superior? Our Pro am style woman wrestler is the ever busty Quisha. She steps into the Steel Kittens ring with confidence that her years of experience will be able to conquer Nikki the NY Knockout. Nikki is a true professional with the ranks of Lucha and American Style wrestling. Quisha soon finds it hard to get the upper hand against NYK. NYK keeps the pressure on with chokes, punches, pins and drop kicks. NYK, who typically is a very straight wrestler but, soon her mean streak shows, as she starts to totally dominate the busty woman warrior. Quisha just gets more and more frustrated as NYK just toys with her. Body Slams, lift and carry’s, devastating stomps and more belly punching wear the busty woman down. Her day is finally finished with the deathly sleeper hold. Great pro and pro-am women’s wrestling!

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Ring Thunder: Women’s Wrestling

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Streaming Video Available str_sk-352-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
Fantasia vs. Helena Heavenly
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Approx. Run Time 23 min.

Streaming Video Available str_sk-352-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
Quisha vs. Nikki the NY Knockout
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Approx. Run Time 21 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-352-02 Streaming Video Match featuring: Quisha vs. Nikki the NY Knockout
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This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming Download – 1500kpbs

Approx. Run Time 5 min.


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