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"Japanese Tape WWO-27"

4 Japanese Women's Professional Wrestling Matches

Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 105 min.

Steel Kittens brings to you beautiful, athletic and a spectacular performers along with big strong and powerful wrestling women in some of the hottest Japanese Professional Women’s Wrestling of the day! Featuring the little fireball Cuty Suzuki, the exotic and skilled Mayumi Ozaki, Strong and powerful women wrestlers like Chigusa Nagayo, Dynamite Kansai, and Toshiyo in wild, non stop, pro wrestling action!

WWO-27-01 Cutie Suzuki final Road
Two Beautiful, athletic and spectacular performers enter the ring for a spectacular pro woman’s wrestling match. Both every equal in size and skill. This match starts out as they test each others strength until the hot rod Ozaki, tosses Cuty out of the ring and slams her all over the audience floor. Brutally assaults her with chairs, and anything else she can pick up to hurt Cuty. As the reff gets them back in the ring, it’s time for Cuty’s pay back. Her skill servers her well! Power bombs, Bulldogs, hair pulling, spectacular reversals, neck chokes. Great highflying body slams off the top rope, drop kicks, Superman slams, backhanded slaps. This battle rages on till a final huge slam off the top rope leaves them both out cold on the ring floor.

WWO-27-02 Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue 1999
Queen of queens circa 1999
These two power houses in wrestling show total disrespect for one another. Toyota, crowned one of top 20 best women wrestlers off all time, and know’s she is the Queen! This domineering diva is always out to win! Kyoko, this big strong and powerful women wrestler is out to hurt the Queen of Queens!
But even though Kyoko is much bigger than Toyota, Toyota is not afraid and will not be denied. The action is excellent! Fast reversal, DDTs, painful leg holds some of which we have never seen before, back breakers, camel clutches, Bulldogs, and the painful angels wings. Reverse chokeholds, standing back breakers, Suplexes, and a wild domino split, huge body slams off the top rope till one opponent is kicked out of ring and gets a huge dropkick straight to her face! More action! Wicked clothes lines, huge body drops from the top rope, and more ways to beat each other into submission! Spectacular action, great theatrics. The finish comes as the determination and skill of the smaller Toyota finally manages to pick up the huge Kyoko and violently slam her to the mat floor for a hard fought win.

4. Over the Generation Grudge Match: Mayumi Ozaki vs. Chigusa Nagayo 1994
The beginning of this footage was not recoverable so the match starts in about two minutes. The match starts out with the beautiful Ozaki on a mission to hurt and put fear in Nagayo. She smashes Nagayo with chairs and railings and whatever she could grab her hands on in the audience. Finally escorted back into the ring, Nagayo is a bloody mess beaten but not out of the game just yet. Back in the ring she seeks revenge! Kicking the beautiful Ozaki in the face, smashing her from pillar to post, vicious knees to the four head, eye rakes, cross face chokes! Ozaki retaliates and bites Nagaya in the face. Ozaki is just brutal as she gets metal pipe further her assaults on Nagayo! Drop kicks to the face and more! But Nagayo is one tough wrestling women, and even though Ozaki is mean as hell, she out weighs her by 75lbs and starts to use her weight as an advantage! Crushing Ozaki to the mat floor. Backbreaking DDTs, and Ozaki is finally tossed out on the ring floor and assaulted with chairs and railings. Wild splashes off the top rope to the audience floor, wicked pile drivers and finally Ozaki’s head is split wide open and there is blood everywhere! This brutal match comes to an exciting end where one fearless warrior almost gets choked out, then a high flying back breaker's slash crushes and takes out one the bloodied battlers and ends their day!

All Pacific: Tag Team: Mayumi Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai vs. Toshiyo Yamada & Manami Toyota
This is a tag team match between two heavy hitters and two gorgeous Japanese women wrestlers. If you like big strong powerful women against smaller athletic and skilled beauties, you’ll enjoy this wild Japanese Professional Women’s wrestling Tag Team! You'll be amazed at how these two light weights are able to stand up against the heavyweights. Fast and brutal clotheslines, huge moves off the top ropes, breathtaking chokeholds, flying arm bar's, huge top row body splashes, power bombs, pile drivers, DDT’s, wicked kicks and leg locks! Exciting action from beginning to end! These wrestling girls really know how to put on a show and fight for superiority! The devastating finishing move is a wicked backbreaking body slam off the top rope, which defines the looser's as the victorious stand tall!

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Japanese Tape WWO-27

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Video On Demand - Watch it online now!
Streaming Video Available str_WWO-27-01 Streaming Video Match featuring
1. Cuty Suzuki Final Road: Cuty Suzuki vs. Mayumi Ozaki 1998

Approx. Run Time 17 min.


Streaming Video Available str_WWO-27-02 Streaming Video Match featuring
1. Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue 1999

Approx. Run Time 24 min.

Streaming Video Available str_WWO-27-03 Streaming Video Match featuring
1. Over the Generation Grudge Match: Mayumi Ozaki vs. Chigusa Nagayo 1994

Approx. Run Time 27 min.

Streaming Video Available str_WWO-27-04 Streaming Video Match featuring
1. All Pacific: Tag Team: Mayumi Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai vs. Toshiyo Yamada & Manami Toyota 1993

Approx. Run Time 34 min.

Streaming Video Highlights - Download it now!
All of the excitement of a full length streaming video
in one action packed video you can download now!
Streaming Video Available hii_WWO-27-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: 1. Cuty Suzuki Final Road: Cuty Suzuki vs. Mayumi Ozaki 1998
2. Manami Toyota vs. Kyoko Inoue 1999
3. Over the Generation Grudge Match: Mayumi Ozaki vs. Chigusa Nagayo 1994
4. All Pacific: Tag Team: Mayumi Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai vs. Toshiyo Yamada & Manami Toyota 1993

This video is provided [640x480] for Streaming & Download – 1500kbps

Approx. Run Time 16 min.


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