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Mixed Wrestling
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See The Best In Mixed Wrestling Video, Clips, Downloads, Pictures and DVD's. Women Mixed Wrestling Clips and Videos. Sexy Mixed Domination Wrestling, Mixed Submission Wrestling, Mixed Oil Wrestling, Pro Mixed Wrestling and Topless Mixed Wrestling.

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Red, White & Blue Rules

Pro Style - Karate - Mixed Wrestling
Dominique “Danger Girl” & Sue Sexton vs. The Taliban Man
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Red, White & Blue Rules

America is engaged in a war against terrorism; and as during past wars of the 20th Century, this country has tried to maintain a light hearted sense of humor amidst destruction--as evidenced by Bill Mauldin’s cartoons during WWII. With this in mind, we decided to bring you our attempt at comedy by bringing a member of the Taliban into the wrestling ring to unknowingly face two females in battle. ...More about Red, White & Blue Rules


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Passion Kills

2 Mixed Wrestling Matches
Elsa vs. Nucci * Pam Manning vs. Mitch
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Passion Kills

Elsa meets Nucci in this even coed wrestling battle. She is a ferocious woman who chokes, scissors, and cradle rocks her male foe. At the end, a bone crushing body scissors finishes off the sorry loser. Then Pam Mannning squares off with Mitch in a mixed wrestling match, and after taking some punishment catches him in an airplane spin. The loser is a victim of a devastating body scissors and is deposited outside the ring like a sack of garbage!! Who will win these exciting battles of the sex...More about Passion Kills


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Short Fuse

Mixed Wrestling
Santana Vs. Scott
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Short Fuse

The perfectly sculptured Santana meets larger male opponent in a mixed wrestling match full of agonizing holds and dirty tactics. Santana’s breasts almost pop out when she is caught in a backbreaker, and a vicious bite frees one warrior from a terrorizing hold. Screams fill the air as each is battered a in quest for victory. A very competitive coed wrestling match between fighters with two very different wrestling styles. ...More about Short Fuse


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Lethal Lady

Mixed Wrestling
Leigh vs Jeb
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Lethal Lady

Beautiful Leigh looks lean and mean in her purple bikini as she meets Jeb in the ring for a mixed wrestling competition. She uses every trick in the book and has the man rocking on his heels for the first few minutes. Jeb gets angry, cradles the beautiful Leigh, and spanks her cute behind. Enraged, Leigh attacks the male and savagely knees his groin time and again. He replies with another spanking! Who finally takes the win? The stronger male or the lethal lady?...More about Lethal Lady


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Barn Storm

Mixed Wrestling
Pam Ward vs Jeb
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Barn Storm

The every sexy Pam Ward is in the ring to battle Jeb in a hot mixed wrestling match. As the match starts, she removes her dress, revealing her exquisite and fit body to the camera. She fights dirty and kicks him in the groin, but Jeb bounces back to rain destruction on this gorgeous creature. Only Pam’s ruthless nature helps her win this one, as she again attacks Jeb’s vitals in a scary finish!...More about Barn Storm


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Bow Echo

Mixed Wrestling
Christy E. vs Jeb
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Bow Echo

Christy shows all her muscles and her power, intimidating Jeb before their mixed wrestling match even begins. Jeb is no match for this powerful Amazon, as she uses her massive legs to crush the life out of him. Jeb does get Christy in an airplane spin, which only infuriates the girl again. The rest of the match is a total annihilation of Jeb by an infuriated female. ...More about Bow Echo


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Illegal Search & Seizure

Mixed Wrestling: 2-on-1
Hollywood vs Gary & Mike
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Illegal Search & Seizure

A lady cop, exercising in her skimpy bikini, is surprised by two men who intend to handcuff the dynamite blonde. The surprise attack turns sour as both males soon find themselves at the mercy of the enraged cop in a hot mixed wrestling match. This she-cat is sexy and knows how to protect herself! Watch out guys, you have it coming!...More about Illegal Search & Seizure


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Private Lesson

Mixed Wrestling: 2-on-1
Alysha & Pam Manning Vs. Guy
Mixed Wrestling Video/DVD: Private Lesson

In this hot mixed wrestling wrestling challenge, two mighty maidens use their strong, powerful thighs to torture a male opponent. They ride him for all they're worth and torture him with schoolboy pins, breast smothering, head, and body scissors! ...More about Private Lesson

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